Ride the Dirt Wave 

Klootchy Creek ~ Whiskey Run ~ Newport

Ride the Dirt Wave 2024 – Race Rules & Guidelines

Get ready for the Flow Duro Challenge – it’s like your favorite Enduro race but with an extra dose of fun! This ultimate test for mountain bikers is all about community, competition, and an unbeatable experience. We’ve handpicked the best terrain at each location for an epic ride.
Here’s the deal: you’ll compete individually on trails that push your skills and stamina to the limit. Our format keeps the spirit of Enduro alive while letting each event shine with its unique flair. So saddle up, get ready to shred, and let the adventure begin!

Format and Point System for the Series:

Category Descriptions:
Please read the following descriptions to determine what category is most appropriate for you.  We advise you to look at the trail forks information for each of the races as all differ in difficulty, length, elevation, and terrain.  

Expert riders are highly skilled and comfortable with a wide range of obstacles encountered on a trail, including steep and loose terrain and technical rock gardens. They can navigate most trail features confidently including black diamond trails that may have jump lines and larger obstacles. 

Sport riders possess the ability to handle technical terrain, smaller jumps, and drops, and are skilled at cornering. They are capable of completing most trails without stopping to walk a section but may choose to go around larger jumps or drops. While some may have racing experience, it is not a requirement for a sport rider.

Categories: You must remain in your original category to accumulate points.   

Categories may be combined if less than 5 people sign up for a given group.

Expert: Men – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18
Women – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18

Sport: Men – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18
Women – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18

Racing Age:
Your racing age is determined by your age on December 31, 2024.

E-Bike Requirements:
Only Class 1 E-bikes are allowed at this event (both Saturday & Sunday).  Class 1 E-bikes are pedal assist only.  No throttles are allowed.  

E-bikes will be in their own class and categories are:

Expert: Men & Women
Sport: Men & Women.  No age categories.  

Points: The top ten men & women at each series event (Overall Winners), on a traditional mountain bike and on an e-bike will receive points respectively towards the series total. A category distinction of Expert or Sport does not factor into series points, nor does age. 

* Participants must compete in all three series events to be eligible for end-of-series championship awards.

Earning Points:
1st –   100 points
2nd –  80 points
3rd –   60 points
4th –   50 points
5th –   40 points
6th –   35 points
7th –   30 points
8th –   25 points
9th –   20 points
10th – 15 points

Race Order:
We will take into account top finishers’ times from the 2023 event when determining the race order for 2024.  For the first timed race, we will also ask people to not be modest and put yourself in order according to your knowledge of how fast you are compared to other known racers.  For the second timed race, we will seed you by the fastest riders on the first timed race going first.  We will take into consideration if someone crashed ahead of you and slowed your time down or other mechanical issues that may have slowed down your first time.  We plan to run the first race w/ 1 minute between each racer and the second race w/ 30 seconds between each racer.  

Champion of the Dirt Wave Series:  You must attend all 3 races to qualify.  We will combine all 3 times to determine who has the fastest time overall and they will be named the “Champion of the Dirt Wave.”  This will be determined by the fastest time overall and not done by category (except for e-bikes will have their own category).   

E-Bike Champion of the Dirt Wave:  You must attend all 3 races to qualify.  We will combine all 3 times to determine who has the fastest time overall and they will be named the “E-Bike Champion of the Dirt Wave.”  


Injured Rider on Course
In the event of encountering another rider who has fallen on the course, it is essential to provide a verbal acknowledgment before proceeding. If there is no response from the other rider, it is mandatory for the rider to come to a halt and evaluate the situation.  Do not attempt to move the person.  In the case where the unresponsive rider is injured and the situation is life-threatening, promptly call 911 or inform the nearest course marshal. If you initiate CPR/First Aid, send the subsequent rider to the marshal. Failure to stop for an unresponsive rider will result in a ban from the series. Riders who assist injured riders will have the chance to redo their race lap. Please check in with the nearest course marshall who will direct you to event staff so you can re-run your race lap.  

Concussion Protocol:
In the event of a head injury with noticeable symptoms, a race first responder will assess the rider’s condition. If deemed unsuitable, the rider will be escorted off the course and encouraged to seek medical attention.  The rider will not be allowed to participate in any on-bike activity for the remainder of the event weekend. For subsequent events within 14 days, a medical certificate from a doctor is required to resume participation. Compliance with first-responder decisions is mandatory.

Every participant is required to wear a helmet that has been purchased or manufactured within the past three years. It is mandatory for riders to wear an approved helmet specifically designed for mountain biking. Helmets equipped with detachable chin protection are permissible. The helmet must be worn at all times while riding.

Safety Equipment:
While wearing a helmet is mandatory during competition, riders are solely responsible for ensuring its proper fit and condition. Although additional protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, full-face helmets, and torso protection is highly recommended, it remains optional at the rider’s discretion.

We love having spectators line the course and cheer the racers on but don’t love it when we need to pause a race as someone is walking on the course.  Please remain off the race course at all times.  You can walk to a viewing spot on the race course before the race begins and walk back once the race has ended.  Please do not walk on the course at any time during the race or the race will be paused for rider safety and delay all of our fun.  

Only registered racers are allowed to ride on the course on race day. We will offer exceptions for youth riders who have a parent or coach who wants to follow them on the course.  The youth racer must finish the course completely on their own power and the parent/coach is not allowed to pull, push, or carry them in any way.  

Animal Policy:
All dogs must remain on a leash at the event venue and owners are responsible for picking up after their dog.  No dogs are allowed on race course or trails during event weekend.  We know that some trail dogs behave better than people but for the safety of all involved, we ask you to not have them ride with you for this event.