Ride the Dirt Wave 

Klootchy Creek ~ Whiskey Run ~ Newport

Description: The Flow Duro Challenge Race is a fun, fast-paced, timed competition down a short, flowy, mostly downhill trail. It combines all of our favorite elements of friendly competition down flowy trails with a small amount of climbing and a large amount of fun!

This race is limited to 100 riders. Racers will be placed in divisions by age and class and have two timed runs on the trail. The best time is kept and points will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each category. Points will be assigned after each race and posted on the OBRA website. Points will accumulate for all 3 races in 2023. The series championship in Newport will be the final race to determine the “Champion of the Dirt Wave.”

Each race takes place at a different location on the Oregon Coast and each will be very different. Every race course will have different terrain, difficulty, length, elevation, & times. The race will be timed and start at the top of the hill (yes, you have to climb to the top but it won’t be timed!). You will have 2 timed rides and the fastest time will be kept. We highly recommend you check out the Trailforks description of each race course so you are aware if it is a black diamond or blue trail, the amount of climbing to get to the top, and the profile of the trail.

Ride the Dirt Wave was created to showcase trail systems on the Oregon Coast. Each location has active bike clubs and trail builders that have been working hard to build these awesome trails. We work directly with the members of the clubs and they will be our tour guides of the best trails in each region. We welcome everyone to come and see what the Oregon Coast has to offer as we Ride the Dirt Wave!

Points: The top three men & women at each series event (Overall Winners), on a traditional mountain bike and on an e-bike will receive 15, 10 and 5 points respectively towards the series total. A category distinction of Expert or Sport does not factor into series points.

* Participants must compete in all three series events to be eligible for series awards.

Category Descriptions: Please read the following descriptions to determine what category is most appropriate for you. We advise you to look at the trail forks information for each of the races as all differ in difficulty, length, elevation, and terrain.

Expert riders are highly skilled and comfortable with a wide range of obstacles encountered on a trail, including steep and loose terrain and technical rock gardens. They can navigate most trail features confidently including black diamond trails that may have jump lines and larger obstacles.

Sport riders possess the ability to handle technical terrain, smaller jumps, and drops, and are skilled at cornering. They are capable of completing most trails without stopping to walk a section, but may choose to go around larger jumps or drops. While some may have racing experience, it is not a requirement for a sport rider.

Categories: Categories may be combined if fewer than 5 people sign up for a given group.


Men – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18
Women – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18

Men – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18
Women – 19-31, 32-44, 45+ & Junior 9-13 & 14-18

E-Bikes: E-bikes are welcome. They must be a Class 1- pedal assist only. No throttles are allowed. For this first year, e-bikes will be in their own class. You can choose Expert or Sport. Class will not be split by age or gender.

Prizes & Awards: Ribbons will be given for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each category @ each event. Awards & prizes will be given at the final Championship to the top winners of the series overall.