Ride the Dirt Wave 

Klootchy Creek ~ Whiskey Run ~ Newport

Welcome to Ride the Dirt Wave, where we ride the crest of excitement through Oregon’s coastal trails! Join us as we explore the hidden gems of mountain biking along the stunning Oregon Coast.

Our journey begins at Klootchy Creek Trails, where adrenaline junkies can tackle thrilling jump lines while beginners can enjoy family-friendly paths. Next stop: Whiskey Run Trails on the South Coast, boasting trails for all skill levels amidst the Coos County Forest. Finally, we’ll hit Newport’s Big Creek Park, a compact yet thrilling trail system with options for everyone.

But that’s not all! Dive into two days of riding bliss at each location. Day one offers guided tours led by local bike clubs, showcasing the best trails and welcoming riders of all levels. Enjoy food, drinks, music, and trail info galore!

Day two amps up the excitement with the Flow Duro Challenge Race, a thrilling timed competition down exhilarating downhill trails. With races spread across the coast, each offering unique terrain and challenges, there’s plenty of fun to go around. And don’t forget to join all three races for a shot at becoming the ultimate “Champion of the Dirt Wave Series!” So come on, catch the wave, and let’s ride!